Im a Freelance 3D Generalist

The Papaya Book

In many countries, abortions are stigmatized, leading to 45% of all abortions worldwide being performed unsafely due to a lack of knowledge among healthcare providers. “The Papaya Book” serves as an educational tool disguised as a cookbook, providing essential and WHO-certified information on safe abortions in countries with restrictive laws.

An online version offers protected access to instructional videos and allowing healthcare providers to learn and download 3D-printable surgical instruments or discreetly order them. I was tasked with the creation of the 3D models for use in design and advertising purposes. Blender was used for modeling and final rendering.

The production was done in parallel consultation between the graduate and project manager Kikko Neubert and myself. Additional information about her thesis is accessible via the button below.

Murat und seine Brüder

Fanart of the main character “Murat” from a german Parody of Thomas the Tank Engine. Based on the original character concept by web video producer and content creator Koray Tokmak, also known under the synonym “Kotoon”, I created a 3D reinterpretation to test my skills. Murat’s 3D likeness was modeled, rigged, and animated in Blender. The labels, stickers, and logo on the side were created by me in Affinity Photo and arranged in Blender.

3D Puppet

Took around two months and was the first time creating a more detailed and realistic Character. In that case a lot of experimenting took place while trying out tools and extensions that helped me with setting up an armature for animation aswell as blendshapes for facial movement. It was a lot of fun while experimenting.

Interior Design

A brutalist interior design i made in Blender. I drew inspiration from a variety of thematically fitting architecture and crafted this peace within a timescale of 16h without the 3D Character taken into account.


An UFES Havel Class Destroyer currently in deceleration phase with a total length of 11 kilometres. I used brutalist kitbash models, volume shaders for the engines exhausts and a mix of and space opera ( materials. The radiator arrays are made with geometrynodes.


This model was created as an art-test for a job application. I was provided with a 2D reference design that included the character itself and an attack animation. I created the character mesh, materials, rig, and animation, with the animation itself taking up approximately one-third of the total project time.

G-Shock Animation

An advertisment rendering for Gamba Agency, Casio-Marketing and THE AMBITION from Düsseldorf. This animation was crafted as an Instagram advertisement, featuring two versions and a custom resolution for a stage performance that preceded a show the client had planned.

1963 Woland S

A Sachsenring Trabant inspired 4×4 off-road vehicle. Made with Love and Blender and textured with Substance Painter. Interior and underbody are fully modeled and the suspension’s functionality is realised with a custom rig.

Tank Model

The first time I sculpted a model and it took me to much time to complete. I designed and modeled everything myself inside of Blender. To create the textures, I used Substance Painter and followed references from a lead artist who worked on World of Tanks vehicles. Since I wasn’t familiar with the UDIM workflow at the time (2017), I used a single 4K texture stack for the textures.

Sphere: Flying Cities

I was fully committed into the project, taking on responsibility and completing my tasks with great attention to detail and reliability which made me an asset to the team. I was tasked with conducting research, perfirming high and low poly modeling and handled texturing, animation and Unity integration for in-game usage of 3D Models.

Additionally, I created shaders in Unity and Renderings for Advertisment purposes. The following animation clip was created by me. I handled most of the production myself which includes prop modeling, texturing and storyboarding. Based on a provided estimate, I drew inspiration from a variety of sources, including oil tankers, cargo ships, research vessels, and

the 1999 horror movie “Virus” for the ship’s design.

I would like to thank my colleagues for giving me the opportunity to work on this project and for their support. I look forward to future opportunities to work with such a talented team. Feel free to give the product page a visit 🙂

About Me

Jesaja Mayer

3D Generalist

I’m Jesaja, a 3D Generalist and passionate Blender user with experience in game art and interests in areas of motion design and everything that is digital.

Through my personal work I always try to expand my knowledge in an autodidactic way. In this context, I look at new technologies and develope targeted solutions.

Feel free to get in touch anytime, whether for work inquiries or to just say hello.

I’m currently looking for job offers, but am also happy to take on freelance projects on the sideline. With this in mind, I am always excited about interesting proposals.